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Here at our Farm Stay, the Agriturismo Cjasal di Pition, you�ll be able to savour cuisine that is a reflection of our rural culture, with a decisive flavour, prepared with only fresh and seasonal produce, a way of cooking that amalgamates today�s needs with the characteristics and taste of our typical Friulian tradition.

A respect for tradition that emerges in the specialities on offer every day at the Agriturismo Cjasal di Pition, made with ingredients of our own or of local production.

Those who call in to see us, will find a display cabinet/counter that is laden with delicacies, such as beef, pork or chicken meatballs, beans with red onion, Nervetti, which is cut and dressed cooked cartilage (not precooked), as well as chicken legs and wings, small and tasty rolls filled with our homemade salami, vegetable omelettes and the one and only �Frico�, the king of traditional Friulian cooking, prepared exclusively with Montasio PDO cheese. By stopping by for lunch or dinner, you�ll be able to savour our traditional Vegetable soup, Pasta with beans, Potato gnocchi, Orzotto (barley risotto) with vegetables or wild herbs, Frico, Vegetable omelettes, as well as seasonal dishes with a pork, asparagus, or white meat (rabbit, duck and chicken) base, while not forgetting the Christmas Tripe. Our desserts, all of which are rigorously homemade, range from typical plain cakes to the delicious S di Raveo semi-frozen biscuits. All of our dishes, which are well accompanied by a glass of our very best wines, are ideal for quick snacks and are also available for takeaway.

The Agriturismo Cjasal di Pition also provides our guests with the use of a large room which is ideal for delicious buffets and which has a patio, complete with umbrellas and a lovely garden with games for the younger ones.

These are all features that make our Farm Stay the ideal choice for Spring lunches or even for spending a summer evening in the fresh air, and all just a few kilometres from the centre of Udine. As well as catering for parties and buffets, this room is ideal for holding your meetings and conferences.

The dishes most recommended for takeaway are the Frico and the Omelette with wild herbs or seasonal vegetables, dishes which are highly appreciated by both locals and tourists alike and who wish to savour our region�s specialities.

Friulian gastronomy and its specialities

All Friulian dishes find their origin in the morphology of this region, which embraces the sea on one side and mountains on the other, and which encapsulates a wide range of cultures and people, creating an intricate mosaic of taste, flavour and tradition. Generally speaking, the prime ingredient of Friulian cooking is meat, except for the area around Grado and Trieste where you�ll find the local speciality Boreto (fish steak with vinegar) which dates back to the Middle Ages. The Friuli Venezia Giulia region is world famous for its wines and for its traditional San Daniele ham. Which are the most traditional Friulian products? Just to name a few, Frico, the Gubana (a traditional dessert) and, above all, Polenta, made from white or yellow corn. No Friulian dish is complete, however, without tasting the wines from our local vineyards or without rounding off your meal by sipping on our traditional spirits, the most famous of which is Friulian grappa.

Services offered by the Agriturismo Cjasal di Pition

  • Room for delicious buffets
  • Room for conferences and meetings
  • Large garden with a play area for children
  • Takeaway service

Photographs taken by “Punto di vista” and by Giulia Comand.

  • via IV Genova nº 1
  • Pozzuolo del Friuli - UD - 33050
  • s.r 353 Udine - Lignano
  • tel +39 0432 669527

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