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The first specialty that we should mention is "Frico", which is the finest of all Friulian dishes and which dates back to the mid 400s and which, on top of its original recipe, also comes with seasonal variations where it merges with other ingredients such as pear, asparagus, red radicchio and leek. You shouldn't miss tasting this rich potage, prepared with the same recipe used by our grandmothers, cooked in terracotta cooking pots and served in terracotta bowls for keeping it warm and for maintaining its flavour. Our omelettes are the highest risen omelettes in Friuli (without the addition of beer or other items) thanks to the farm eggs and to the exclusively fresh vegetables that we use, as well as to Ramona's culinary expertise. And our customers certainly never complain about our goose meat and rabbit, which are cooked naturally and flavoured with herbs from our vegetable garden. Our naturally cured meats (cured for at least 6 months) are perfectly paired with our homemade bread and cheese (only Friulian Montasio cheese) and with our daily yellow Corn Polenta. Another treat to round off your meal is the Refosco wine Sorbet.

Some interesting facts about "Frico"

Frico is the most famous dish in the area of Friuli known as Carnia, even though it is now widespread throughout the whole of Friuli. There are even traces of it even in Slovenia and in the Austrian region of Carinthia. With regards to the history of the Frico dish, we find mention of it as early as the XV century when it was alluded to by the cook of Maestro Martino, the Patriarch of Aquileia and which, since then, has been handed down through the ages.

When the Patriarch travelled for prayers in Sant'Ermacora, he stopped in the village of Ampezzo and in the area of Forni Savorgnani. It had been a year of poverty and misery and after having asked the local shepherds for something to eat, they gave the Saint a slice of Polenta and a piece of cheese, to which he added some milk, water, rennet and vinegar. The end result was a whitish pulp which was served with a ladle and, mixed with cheese and ricotta, became what was later to be known as Frico, which the Saint ate with browned Polenta.

Nowadays, Frico is available in different varieties, even if the original recipe used cheese crust, an ingredient that it constantly found in cooking from the Carnia region where, traditionally, no food was ever thrown away. Frico's original flavour has changed since then, seeing as even the best Agritourism restaurants, such as Cjasal di Pition, now use Montasio PDO cheese.

Cjasal di Pition's recipe for Frico

Our recipe for Frico with potatoes (for 6 people)

4 medium sized peeled yellow potatoes previously cooked in water, 350 gr of Montasio or Latteria cheese cured for 2-3 months. Mix the cheese, without its crust and cut into small pieces, with the cooked potatoes after having mashed them. Place everything into a non-stick pan, carefully level the mixture with a wooden ladle and leave it all to amalgamate slowly until a slight crust is formed. Mix it all so as the other side also takes on a nice colour and, if desired, add salt and pepper.

Refosco: a traditional Friulian wine

Here at the Cjasal di Pition, one of our specialties is the Refosco wine Sorbet. For those who are not familiar with it, the Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso is one of the D.O.C. wines from the Friuli region, the origins of which date back to the XIV century, the name of which derives from the grape variety which is of an intense deep purple colour. This wine may only be produced in Pordenone and Udine and is characterised by its grapes with a thin but strong skin, that come in compact and medium sized bunches. Those who taste this wine, even here at the Cjasal di Pition, will find a crystal clear wine with a ruby-red colour and with a shade of violet. This is a lively wine with an intense aroma and with a floral and fruity flavour, reminding us of blackberries and cherries.

How we at Cjasal di Pition suggest pairing Refosco

Here at Cjasal di Pition, we suggest savouring this wine with the traditional Refosco wine Sorbet, as well as with game and pork based dishes. It is also excellent with cooked and uncooked cured meats or seasoned cheese. And not only that. Here at the Cjasal di Pition you'll find the exquisite Refosco jam with its unique flavour and which is perfect for eating all together or as a gift for friends and family.

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our menu

San Daniele raw ham5.00 €/porz
fresh, melted Montasio cheese with polenta4.50 €/porz
parmesan with fried polenta5.00 €/porz
bacon5.00 €/porz
traditional cold cuts4.00 €/porz
pear tart with Montasio cheese and Cabernet Franc5.00 €/porz
pie with bacon and mushrooms5.00 €/porz
pasta with goose meat7.00 €/porz
potato gnocchi with meat sauce5.50 €/porz
barley cream with leek and bacon6.50 €/porz
soft frico with Montasio cheese6.80 €/porz
pancakes with vegetables6.00 €/porz
roast suckling pig8.50 €/porz
chicken breast stuffed with sausage and radicchio from Treviso8.50 €/porz
mixed salad in-season3.00 €/porz
fried potatoes3.00 €/porz
beans with onions3.00 €/porz
red, sour cabbage3.00 €/porz
panna cotta3.00 €/porz
different fruit cakes 3.00 €/porz
parfait3.00 €/porz
white wine from Friuli, bottle 75 cl.6.00 €
Merlot, bottle 75 cl.6.00 €
Cabernet Franc, bottle 75 cl.6.50 €
Refosco p.r., bottle 75 cl.7.50 €
Prosecco Valdobbiadene, bottle 75 cl.16.50 €
sparkling/still mineral water, bottle 50 cl.1.50 €
sparkling/still mineral water, bottle 100 cl.2.00 €
beverage, can 33 cl.2.00 €
coffee1.00 €
grappe2.00 €

cover charge 1.20 €

Photographs taken by “Punto di vista” and by Giulia Comand.

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